Consistency and persistence

It might seem like I lack both, but in my defence, it’s only the blogging side that has copped inconsistency. I’m keeping up the dancing with a vengeance and have already been accused of being a little pathological about it. There’s far more unhealthy obcessions than dancing, wouldn’t you agree?

My dance schedule now tries to include some Ballroom private lessons with the partner in dance crime. It’s really exciting to focus on posture and poise for competition purposes, but the “muscle memory” to step through your heel when taking steps forward will take some serious work. Only a matter of time before there will be Latin ones as well…

The dancegroup is back in full swing as well with a fair amount of “fresh meat” to get up to speed with the way things are done in the Senior group. We have had 2 performances already (one at one if our own dancer’s wedding!) with a lot of the newer dancers getting that experience under their belt. Next, we are going to churn through a new choreo for Krakowiak and have a workshop with Henry from Brisbane to learn the finale for the festival that is at the end of the year. Ideally, I would also like to squeeze in some ballet with the group while my sister Monia is here…

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