Pushing Yourself

We all know that repetition is key, when it comes to mastering dance. Dance, eat, sleep, repeat, right? I understand that everyone’s definition of what constitutes a good dancer varies on our own experiences and expectations. If you are ambitious and have a competitive mindset, then “good” is not good enough. You want to be great.

For example, I have dozens of dancers that week in and week out, consistently rock up to dance rehearsals that are once a week. For that session they are paying attention, executing the steps to the dance teachers satisfaction, giving it 80-100% and then expect that 6 months later when a choreography is danced they will look like they belong in Mazowsze. I’m sorry to break it to you, but only dancing once a week is not going to make you a better dancer.

If you’re in it for the social, for the fun, then that’s a different story. But if you’re ambition goes beyond that, then you need to work harder. Fact.


With the aspirations that I’ve got for myself this year; building strength, stamina, develop longer muscles, getting a leaner dancer body back again, I decided that implementing frequent Barre classes will be a great idea. So with no further ado, I popped my first Barre Class cherry for this year at Xtend Barre in the city.  It’s a fusion of ballet barre conditioning, yoga and Pilates, with lighter weights. And boy, did my legs shake after that class! The exercises were so distantly familiar and a challenge both mentally and for my dormant dancer muscles.

Ideally, once my morning shifts are back on again, I will be able to have Barre class straight after work around midday, on a regular basis. If nothing ever grows in one’s comfort zone, then Barre definitely embodies that! I’ll return to a more elaborate post about the impact of Barre workouts once I see some results – for now I’m an awkward, giggling giraffe with legs trembling like leaves in a storm. Next Barre class is locked in for Saturday morning.

How clever of The Majestic Theatre to name their bar, The Barre…




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