New Year, New Me

…not really.

I’ve been on this journey for quite some time, it just so happens that I decided to document it with a vengeance throughout this year. Mostly, because I’ve been dormant as a dancer for a decade, while the choreographer and dance-teacher got to take centre stage. But for various reasons, I caved last year, and am once again, to put it mildly, obsessed with dancing. Cue: the revival of a dance maniac.

fred & ginger
Because you can never go wrong if you channel Fred & Ginger…

Let’s claim that I’ve been around the block when it comes to dancing. Folkdance has always been the main act in my life – so much that I even have a university degree to prove it. At the end of this year my dance group is traveling to Brisbane to participate in a Polish Arts Festival. We have new dancers to bring up to speed, new group dynamics to balance out, stamina to rebuild, dusty choreographies to bring back to life and new ones that need to take shape.

On the other hand, I decided in October to throw myself onto the Ballroom scene, where I’m frankly, a bombshell of a beginner. Bombshell in the sense that I’m desperately hungry to master everything at once (preferably yesterday), cramming dance practice into every free hour of the day, can copy and follow (with questionable execution in dance technique) without knowing the syllabus of what I’m doing, rediscovering the role of a dance student, fighting the urge to back-lead constantly, misplacing my energy in moves, but oh, having so much fun while figuring it out.

Essentially, the purpose of this blog is a platform for me to document my progress. I’ll try to post in such a way so it is semi-entertaining for others to follow and not just a bunch of scribbles that make sense in my mind, if they want to follow my mission to Mordor (read: competitive dancing) and how I attempt bringing the Fellowship to the other side in one piece (read: getting the dance group to PolArt). I’m also a hopeless nerd so there will be massive references to various pop culture.

As a final note, I hate transitioning from the end of a year to the beginning of next one. Unless you already have a dance-space and are paired up with a dance tribe/partner in crime, all the dance studios decide to go on a completely unnecessary break over the holidays. How utterly selfish… The break is the perfect opportunity to get some serious dance practice in, not a time to relax! Finally, first dance social of the year is back tonight and my feet are itching to dance it out!


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